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About Me

Are you wondering who this is? So am I! Here goes my attempt at answering our questions.
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My various research agendas, publications and other academic work... as well as that of students I advise.
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My various thoughts on academics, geography, teaching, and other random things.
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A "best-of" collection of my crappy snapshots... found in my galleries.
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Amy and I have a lifelong mission to see EVERYTHING this world has to offer. Here is a collection of our trips thus far... Let's go!
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I’m Andy, and I’m an academic geographer who serves as an assistant professor of geography at Mansfield University in north central Pennsylvania. Frankly, I’m proud of that fact even if I have to explain when I meet someone exactly what it is a geographer “does.” (While we’re at it: we don’t memorize maps). This is my website, and it has everything about me that you’d ever want to know, and probably even more than that. The links above will get you where you need to go. Enjoy!
"Nowhere you can be that isn't where you're meant to be."
-John Lennon

Latest News

November 10, 20143 months ago

COPLAC Conference Success!

Three Mansfield University Geoscience undergraduate students presented their research at the COPLAC Northeast Regional Undergraduate Research Conference this past weekend. I was the co-adviser of two of these projects, along with my colleague Lee Stocks. Read more
September 28, 20145 months ago

WV Cave Density Paper Accepted

The cave density project for West Virginia I worked on with MU colleague Lee Stocks, Jr has been accepted by Papers in Applied Geography. Read more
September 17, 20145 months ago

Book Contract Finalized

Jim, Joe and I just signed a contract with the University of Nebraska Press to publish Geography & the Geoweb, a collection of works from leading scholars in geoweb, Big Data and related studies. Read more
August 21, 20146 months ago

Maps in Johnson's ESH Paper Accepted

Some maps that I made for former colleague Beth Johnson of the University of Wisconsin-Fox Valley will appear in a paper recently accepted by the journal Earth Science History Read more
May 24, 20149 months ago

10 Maps in 10 Days Success

I challenged myself to make 10 Maps in 10 Days after the end of this spring semester, for fun. Well, somehow, I pulled it off. Read more
April 26, 201410 months ago

I've Somehow Survived AAG 2014

Despite being sick for most of the week and despite a ridiculously busy conference schedule, I survived AAG 2014 in Tampa with some success. Read more
March 1, 20141 year ago

NBC & Olympics Paper Published

I'm pleased to announce that my collaboration with Emily Fekete, "Re-Constructing the Map: NBC's Geographic Imagination and the Opening Ceremony for the 2012 London Olympics," has been published by Sociological Research Online. Read more
December 31, 20131 year ago

US That Could've Been Map Goes Viral!

The map I made a few years ago, taking all alternative state proposals and making a bizarre map of them, has been picked up by The Fix, a blog of the Washington Post. Read more
October 25, 20131 year ago

Grant Received for UAV Helicopter

On October 15, the Student Government Association & Committee on Finance at Mansfield University voted to fund our proposal to purchase a mapping UAV octocopter. Read more