50 States, 50 Television Series

(UPDATE: A ‘Remixed’ version of this map, which accounts for popular feedback, is now available. Check it out!)

As you may remember a couple days ago, there was a piece was published on the Huffington Post identifying every state of the U.S. by one movie, which of course I answered with a map of my own.  The original map from the HuffPo was featured on the fantastically entertaining Strange Maps blog, in which the author Frank Jacobs made a request for a similar map of TV shows.  Well, I couldn’t pass a challenge like that.  You can click on the map below for a larger version.

Now, a list of the ones I chose, and some alternate quality shows:

  • Alabama – Any Day Now, a Lifetime original series.  According to Wikipedia, this is the only show set there that’s not an educational program on Alabama Public Television.
  • Alaska – Northern Exposure, a bizarro all-time classic.  Only other option, I think, would be Deadliest Catch.
  • Arizona – Alice, another classic, beats out Medium and one of my personal cult favorite kids series, Hey Dude.
  • Arkansas – 19 Kids and Counting, proof that TLC promotes irresponsible decisions.  Evening Shade and Recess are the other options.
  • California – Like for the movies map, it seems like a million TV shows have been based in California.  Baywatch, to me, is kind of an iconic California show with all the skin, the beaches, and so forth, which is what everyone else in the country has been told that California is all about.  There are so many other possibilities that it’d take forever to name them all.
  • Colorado – Mork and Mindy, a silly TV show that’s set in Boulder.  The other option would be South Park, a quality show but I excluded it solely because I had it in my movies map.
  • Connecticut – Somehow, Gilmore Girls had a pretty loyal following, my wife among them.  Bewitched was also set here, as were the last couple of seasons of I Love Lucy.
  • Delaware – The only TV show I could find that was actually set in Delaware was The Pretender.
  • Florida – Florida, like California and New York, is a show where there’ve been a lot of TV shows set, probably because people want to live there.  The Golden Girls, to me, always screamed Florida.  Other contenders include Dexter, CSI: Miami, Miami Vice, Nip Tuck, and Empty Nest.
  • Georgia – Dukes of Hazzard with a bullet, followed by Matlock and Designing Women.
  • Hawaii – Hawaii Five-O is the ultimate Hawaii series (the original one), with the best TV theme song probably ever. Magnum PI and Dog the Bounty Hunter are also set there.
  • Idaho – The Manhunter is a crime drama from the 1970s.  According to Wikipedia, it’s the only show to ever be set in Idaho.
  • Illinois – Tons of shows are set in Chicago, but I chose Roseanne to be contrarian.  Not my favorite show, but it’s nice to present another side of Illinois outside the Chicagoland area.  Other possibilities include ER, Perfect Strangers, Family Matters, and of course, Married… with Children.
  • Indiana – My home state offers slim pickings.  Parks and Recreation, probably my least favorite of the NBC Thursday night, single-camera sitcom lineup, is the best of the bunch.  Close to Home, Eerie Indiana, The Jeff Foxworthy Show and Thunder Alley prove why the choice here is clear.
  • Iowa – I do love me some American Pickers, not because I like the dudes on it (they kinda get on my nerves, but they’re unintentionally funny) but because of the old stuff, the weird hoarder people, and their assistant Danielle.  She has tattoos to die for, but look them up on your own!  Mmmm… Nothing else set in Iowa really rings a bell.
  • Kansas – Jericho was a decent show that ended too early.  Courage the Cowardly Dog was okay for a kids cartoon.
  • Kentucky – I’ve heard many good things about Justified, but I admit I haven’t seen it myself.  It sure is better than Promised Land.
  • Louisiana – I thought long and hard about this, and had to go with Billy the Exterminator, perhaps one of the worst reality TV shows in history, because even though it’s a horrible show, it’s somehow endearing.  New Orleans would be a great setting for a TV show, but it seems like shows are cursed when they are set there.
  • Maine – Murder She Wrote is the best of a weak lineup.  You couldn’t’ve been elderly in the 1980s without watching that show.
  • Maryland – The Wire makes just about every list that compiles the best TV shows ever made. Homicide: Life on the Streets is another iconic show from Baltimore.
  • Massachusetts – Cheers is about as good as it gets, even if it is pretty dated now.  Seems like the place to put legal and police procedural dramas, like Ally McBeal, Crossing Jordan, Fringe, Boston Legal and so on.
  • Michigan – Freaks & Geeks is one of my favorite shows ever.  Home Improvement was also set in Michigan.
  • Minnesota – Coach was based in Minnesota all through my childhood.  I know, a lot of people are going to mention The Mary Tyler Moore Show but that was before my time and I never really cared for it.
  • Missississippi – In the Heat of the Night.  I know, I already used the movie version (which is the reason I eliminated South Park from this map) but this is the only TV show based in Mississippi that I could think of or find.
  • Missouri – Given its relatively large population and two major metro areas, Missouri’s kind of gotten the shaft from TV shows.  Two really sparked a memory with me.  The one I chose was The John Larroquette Show because I thought the supporting cast was pretty funny.  The homeless guy who thought he was Jesus always made me laugh for whatever reason.  The other show, Grace Under Fire was a white-trash sitcom — and I say that purposely because this was a genre they really pushed in the late 1990s — that I got no enjoyment from.
  • Montana – Buckskin, a western from the 1950s.  It’s the only show I could find that was set there.
  • Nebraska – The Young Riders. Again, the only show I could find in this state.
  • Nevada – Las Vegas has been the site of many shows because of its casinos, scenery and tourist amenities, as well as being a place that America can go to do whatever it wants, and leave it all behind.  I chose Reno 911! as a contrarian pick because it’s a show in Nevada based outside of Las Vegas.  Vegas has plenty of shows, including CSI, Las Vegas and Pawn Stars.
  • New Hampshire – The Brotherhood of Poland, New Hampshire is the only show I could find set here.
  • New Jersey – The Sopranos.  There really isn’t any competition for this one
  • New Mexico – In Plain Sight is the New Mexico show I remember most, though it’s barely made an impression on me.  I vaguely remember Roswell and Breaking Bad.
  • New York – New York is the granddaddy of them all.  So many shows are set here…. Seinfeld seems the only show fitting of that stature.  Again, I’m not going into alternates because there are just too many.
  • North Carolina – Another state that’s kind of gotten screwed out of TV shows, despite the large population.  The classic program, The Andy Griffith Show is far and away the best to ever be set here.
  • North Dakota – My Secret Identity, the only show I could find for North Dakota.
  • Ohio – In this case, I took The Drew Carey Show because no other show is as proud of Ohio as that one.  Others set here include WKRP in Cincinnati, 3rd Rock from the Sun, Clarissa Explains it All, and the ubiquitous Glee.
  • Oklahoma – Saving Grace is the only Oklahoma-based series I’ve ever heard of.
  • Oregon – Little People, Big World is based on an Oregon farm.  It’s an interesting show, despite its exploitative qualities.
  • Pennsylvania – The Office is getting to some pretty rarified air.  Mr. Belvedere, Amen, and Boy Meets World were also childhood favorites.
  • Rhode Island – Family Guy. No competition.
  • South Carolina – Army Wives is both the only South Carolina show I could find, and a very suiting representation.
  • South Dakota – Deadwood is the only South Dakota show that I could find, though it certainly has its followers.
  • Tennessee – Again, I’m surprised at the limited shows set in Tennessee.  Newcomer Memphis Beat is a pretty decent dramedy.
  • Texas – Another state with so many shows.  Walker: Texas Ranger is the one I chose simply because the show is the most ridiculous show I’ve ever seen.  King of the Hill is probably my favorite Texas show, while a lot of people would suggest Dallas.
  • Utah – Big Love, a show about polygamy.  Sounds like a horror show…
  • Vermont – Newhart is the only one.
  • Virginia – Another high population, low TV representation state.  The Waltons are an all-time classic.  Others based here include Doug, American Dad!, and A Different World.
  • Washington –  Frasier is probably the biggest show based in Seattle, followed by Twin Peaks and The 4400.
  • West Virginia – It took a while to find Hawkins, a show from the 1970s that’s a legal procedural.  It only lasted a year.
  • Wisconsin – That 70s Show is probably the show younger folks (including myself) associate with Wisconsin.  Happy Days usually attracts a little older crowd.
  • Wyoming – Quite a few westerns have been based in Wyoming, despite its small population.  The only one of the list I’d ever heard of is The Virginian.

So, that’s it.  I’ve identified one TV show per state. In some cases, like Delaware, I didn’t have a choice which to choose.  Others, like California, were nearly impossible to pick out.  Of course, feel free to provide other suggestions in the comments.  This, like the movie map, is nothing more than a fun little exercise meant to do nothing but generate discussion and thinking.

Author: Andrew Shears

Andrew Shears is an Assistant Professor of Geography at Mansfield University in Mansfield, Pennsylvania. His research interests lie at an intersection of the human-environmental nexus, and includes branches of mapping, technological, memorialization and urban geographies. He lives in Wellsboro, Pennsylvania with his wife Amy, a professional photographer.

192 thoughts on “50 States, 50 Television Series”

  1. Not an iconic Ohio show, but definitely an interesting one worth mentioning: Normal, Ohio. A one-season sitcom (canceled after 7 eps) featuring a gay John Goodman.

    1. I’ve never see True Blood, but I generally assumed that the vampire thing meant it was lame. Is it good? And by good, I mean not crap like the whole Twilight thing?

      1. True Blood is what all vampire series wish they were! It’s funny, irreverent, way sexy, and never takes itself too seriously. Twilight? Pfft.

      2. Sherry is right. It’s a thoroughly watchable show that presents Louisiana as (mostly) intelligent, articulate people and doesn’t make fun of their accents. Plus, hot sexy vampires. Rawr.

  2. Well Done! I’ve been trying to do this list for years. If you want a fictional TV show for Oregon there was Hello Larry one of the several post M*A*S*H disasters for Maclean Stevenson. That show was set in Portland, OR. As for Indiana, you forgot One Day at a Time. A huge hit at the time.

    1. I think the MASH cast had more follow-up disasters than any show. The direct spinoff, AfterMASH, was one of the worst shows in television history (sidenote: it was based in Hannibal, Missouri).

      The trackrecord of the MASH stars after that show ended is as bad as middle-life prospects for retired professional wrestlers. It’s absurd. Even the dumb guy from Friends had a show that lasted a few years….

  3. Pennsylvania: It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia
    Kansas: I’d make it Smallville
    Nevada: If you want a non-Vegas show, how about Bonanza?
    DC: MUST add it. West Wing is the perfect choice, of course
    Minnesota: There’s always Little House on the Prairie – the title is so location-based

  4. That’s a great list. Makes me think about how we outside America generate our images of America through the various states / landscapes we see.

  5. For Alaska, Men in Trees is an alternate, though your other choices are of course better.

    Yes, True Blood is good, and not in a Twilight way. Actually, one of the things that makes me love so many of the HBO shows (as you’ve noted, Wire, Sopranos, Big Love, even Treme, though it’s a less successful show) is their really strong sense of place. True Blood stays true to that.

    I appreciate your choosing, when possible, shows with a strong sense of the given state, as opposed to a strong sense of the biggest city IN that state. For that reason, Coach and Roseanne, for example, are inspired choices. I think I’m especially sensitive to this issue because I am from northern New York state, far from NYC, but NYC is always the representative stand-in. For purposes of this list, though, I can’t think of any shows set in non-NYC NYS, quality or not.

    Resabi, Little House on the Prairie was South Dakota, I think, not Minnesota. (Minn. was the setting of the book Little House in the Big Woods. The book LHonthePrairie was set in De Smet SD.)

    1. In terms of books, the Little House series started in Wisconsin, moved to Kansas, went back to Wisconsin, then to Walnut Grove, Minnesota. Then, they moved to De Smet, Dakota Territory (which became South Dakota).

      If I recall correctly, the television series focused only on the time in Minnesota.

      1. “Most all of the shows I went with the setting where the story was based, not necessarily where the show was shot. That could be a great other map, using shoot locations to identify movies and/or TV.”

        Well, then I submit that you blew it with New Mexico.

        In Plain Sight is a good cop show.

        Yet it’s nowhere nearly as brilliant as Breaking Bad. Which has won six Emmy awards, plus a Peabody award. How many awards has In Plain Sight won?

  6. Sorry, your explanation re Minnesota just doesn’t cut it. Who ever even heard of Coach? Minnesota is without doubt the land of Mary Tyler Moore.

    1. Honestly, Mary Tyler Moore went off of the air four years before I showed up on earth…. by the time I was really old enough to watch such a show, the reruns were history too. Coach, though, for all of its flaws, I remember.

      1. Maybe so, but “Coach” was a really dumb show and MTM is consistently rated among the top sitcoms ever.

        Plus, you included Hawaii-Five-O, which debuted earlier than MTM.

    2. Mary Tyler Moore was a great show, but to a lot of people in the MN area (me included) Coach is much more representative of the state and the people.

  7. I gotta say, I think the exclusion of South Park is pretty arbitrary, particularly since the show came first, and it embraces its Colorado-ness fully.

    Smallville and Roswell I think would be better choices, as would Tru Blood. I’m down with Walker, Texas Ranger, although I do think King of the Hill captures Texas more aptly. But I’m totally with you on Roseanne, Coach and Golden Girls.

    And really, there isn’t ANYTHING from Tennessee better than Evil Dead? Is there not at least some kid of Nashville-based country reality show or something?

    1. Fair argument on South Park. Had I not done a movies map, I definitely would have thrown it in for it.

      Tennessee is Memphis Beat. I thought, in hindsight, about the Grand Old Opry.

  8. As a non-reality tv option, Eureka is also set in Oregon… granted the only real commonality with real life Oregon is the NW vegetation, since it’s filmed in BC. 🙂

  9. I’m a Louisiana native, and Treme was my first thought. It’s not quite as authentic as it thinks it is, but at least it tries (unlike True Blood). I’ve never even heard of Billy the Exterminator.

  10. Big Hazel – Mad Men is / was (partially) set in NY state (as well as NYC) – I think it does / did a good job of representing the nascent suburban commuter lifestyle.

  11. For Seattle there is at least one other good option – Grey’s Anatomy.

    For New York, I think a current quintessential (though a bit past-looking) is Mad Men – Advertising’s heart on the US is still on Madison Ave. Castle also takes place here, as does CSI New York, and the classic NYPD Blue.

    Bones is a definite must-have for D.C., agree on that, although a great alternate is the classic X Files.

    For California, I would think that Beverly Hills, 90210 is a contender. Now, however, there is also The Mentalist, which kind of goes all around the state.

    Maryland is also the proud home of Ace of Cakes.

    But thanks for putting this together! Lots of options, clearly, but you got some great ones.

  12. Honestly while Cheers is the clear crowd favorite, Spenser: For Hire did a much better job of illustrating the place. St. Elsewhere is a close second.

    Although if you get technical, both are only Boston, and to get the whole state you’d need to look towards October Road to balance it out.

  13. I didn’t realize that Roseanne was set in Illinois, although I do know that a lot of the exterior shots are from Evansville, Indiana.

  14. “Friday Night Lights” is a much better fit for Texas than “Walker, Texas Ranger.” But I would have accepted “King of the Hill” as it is also quite an honest depiction of Texans.

    I think a Chuck Norris bias is showing here.

    1. Most of these shows were actually filmed in Los Angeles, despite where they were set. Since the list is about settings, I agree with Northern Exposure.

  15. FYI Roseanne, since you are a Hoosier you should know that the exterior shots and many of the local references were of Evansville Indiana, the home of the original producer, Matt Williams not the fictional Lanford, Il.

    1. Most all of the shows I went with the setting where the story was based, not necessarily where the show was shot. That could be a great other map, using shoot locations to identify movies and/or TV.

  16. Virginia- Criminal Minds (unit is based in Quantico, VA)

    VA gets shafted for low representation in films because production costs are too high in the state, other states offer incentives for production by giving tax breaks/credits. This may be the reason why other large metropolitan areas get low representation as well. Money is usually the ultimate reason 😛

  17. Although not a state, Puerto Rico has more people than half of the states. It ought to be included, but I can’t think of a show. Then again, I’m not from PR either.

  18. As you are associated with Kent State, I am surprised you didn’t choose 3rd Rock. It was supposedly based on Kent State!

    1. 3rd Rock was based in a fictional town called Rutherford. I honestly don’t remember what the college was called, but I have no idea if it’s based on Kent State.

  19. New Orleans has its own tv show, wonderfully well made and extremely popular! It’s called Treme, and imperatively NEEDS to be watched more globally.

  20. Ohio – WKRP in Cincinnatti – dropping the live turkeys from the helicopter – hilarious
    Indiana – One Day at a Time – gave us both Valerie Bertinelli and Mackenzie Phillips

  21. Roseanne could have been in any ‘smalltown, USA’. My choice may be Chicago-centric, but there’s never been a show that’s been as Illinois as “Hill Street Blues”.

    Also a suggestion for Kentucky: “Daniel Boone”.

    1. I agree that there are probably better shows, particularly those based in New Orleans.

      Billy the Exterminator, though, to me is awful enough to be more memorable.

  22. SOAP was set in Connecticut so I’m torn between that and Judgng Amy. Learning toward Soap, however.
    Anther Illinois show NOT set in Chicago was Sisters (the show that led to George Clooney getting the ER role); it was set in Winnetka. Also starred Ashley Judd before her film career took off.

  23. Lanford was a Chicago suburb. Dan Conner was portrayed as a huge fan of the Cubs and Bears. IT was supposedly a south suburb of Chicago.

    The Bay City and Oakdale of Another World and As The World Turns were both loosely based on the Chicago suburbs of Park Ridge, IL which is Hillary Clinton’s hometown and Lake Forest, IL which is Vince Vaughn’s hometown.

  24. And Winnetka is not Chicago but a suburb of Chicago. I don’t think any show has been set outside he immediate Chicago area.


    1. I can’t stand that show. And don’t most of the suburbanites around Chicago claim to be from Chicago when someone asks? All of my friends from Hammond and Gary were like that….

  25. How about a state with celebrity most associated with that state?

    Considering Illinois is the adopted for political reasons to become part of the corrupt machine home of Obama and the actual homestate of Hillary Clinton theres 2 right there.

    Proud of Hillary ashamed of Blagobma (cal him that because OBama and Blago were as thick as thieves and are from the same machine)

    1. That’d actually be a pretty fun map to mess around with. Someone could make one of political celebrities, cultural celebrities, etc. Might be a project in the works….

  26. OK, this is probably contrary to everything there is, but how about a map of well-known cultural works (TV, film) which were actually created and/or produced in each state?

  27. Found Daniel Boone for Kentucky. I ended up going my own version of this with personal faves for a Squidoo lens I’ve already done on Quirky State Symbols. Will link back here, of course, and to all the other precursors, and will post a link when I pu it up. Having a very good time chewing this over. Thanks for the idea and the fun.

  28. Arizona: Twenty-Six Men, Tales of the Arizona Rangers, a syndicated show from the fifties.

    Note also: half of the Dick Van Dyke show (including the ottoman) was set in Connecticut.

    1. Not quite – the Petrie household was in New Rochelle, N.Y.

      And speaking of New York, why not a nod for “Mad Men?”

  29. Minnesota is “The Mary Tyler Moore Show.” “Coach” was a piece of crap and so is Craig T. Nelson. Your explanation otherwise is incredibly lame.

    1. Ditto, agreed, this, QFT, and any other similar replies. Forgetting “MTM” would have been completely forgivable. Mulling it over, weighing the options, and then going with “Coach” is just a big bowl of dumbness.

      Childish affinities are what we’re here on Earth to grow out of.

      1. I always wanted to live in Minneapolis because of MTM. Sadly, when I visited it, I really could not see myself living there. Now go watch some MTM Shows (available on DVD) and remove Coach from the list. It’s pathetic–even though I hate to admit it–I watched Coach and thought the relationship between him and Christine (Shelley Fabares), his long-time girlfriend, was the best part of that show

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  31. The Waltons represents Virginia? Oh, goody, once again, the western part of the state overshadows the Richmond area (HawthoRNe, The Cleveland Show [Stoolbend is loosely based around Mike Henry’s Richmond hometown]), the northern part, or even the southeastern part of the commonwealth (American Dad and A Different World are based in that part of VA, and a lot of episodes of NCIS is based in the Hampton Roads region).

    Also . . . Bluffington’s another fake Virginia town? Had no idea.

  32. Yes, ‘Murder She Wrote’ is a fine choice for Maine, but I’d like to mention
    ‘Dark Shadows’ which was set in the (fictional) town of Collinsport, Maine.

  33. You can tell how old I am by the fact the first thing that popped into my head when I saw Nevada was “Bonanza.” How many years was it in first-run on TV?

  34. Dude, you could of chosen West Wing, NCIS or even HawthoRNe – and yet you saddled us with the Waltons? Try putting a bit of thought into it next time.

  35. Thinking back to TGIF, possible alternatives would be “Step By Step” for Wisconsin and “Perfect Strangers” for Illinois. :o) Although I do agree with “That 70s Show” being the best choice for my home state.

  36. Very interesting map.

    It would be fun to look deeper into the social geographical implications of this map.

    For instance:

    * New York — It may have so many options, but nearly 100 percent of those options are set in just one city (in real terms, just one burough of that one city) of that state. Could a further map be made that ID’d shows that represent well regarded regions of a state? (Ex: ‘Buffalo Bill’ for Western New York State; ‘WKRP’ for Cincinnati and Southern-influenced Ohio to counterbalance the more northeastern, Great Lakian ‘Drew Carey Show’; a San Francisco-based show, such as ‘Full House’ or ‘Too Close for Comfort,’ to show there’s more to Calif. than L.A.

    * ‘True’ geographies — I find the selection of ‘Family Guy’ endless interesting. The show is ‘set’ in Rhode Island, but in a fictional community. (Many such shows are set in fictional towns, Andy Griffith’s ‘Mayberry’ is just another example). But then the show, in the real world, is created by a Los Angeles, Calif., production team and parts of the production work are done in North America, Asia and, occasionally, Europe. Any social geo map of the production of just a single episode of ‘Family Guy’ would require a map of the world.

    * District of Columbia — A big omission — It is a part of the United States, and there is a lot to choose from there, from George C. Scott’s dreadful ‘Mr. President,’ to the aforementioned ‘The District,’ to the beloved “Scarecrow and Mrs. King.”

    * Different sides — While a show has been ID’d for each state, do they really sum up the entirety of the state’s character? Yes Baywatch says something to many people about the California lifestyle, but ‘Sanford & Son’ and ‘Chico & The Man’ chronicled in wry terms the lives of people often overlooked by flashy TV shows starring perfect people.

  37. South Dakota – Warehouse 13, one of my favorite shows currently on tv and one of the higher rated shows on SyFy.

    Alabama – Two a Days, it truly captured the spirit of how football is revered in this state.

  38. Hey Andrew shears it wouldn’t really make sense for people from Gary and Hammond INDIANS to claim they’re from chicago…I grew up ins western suburb of chicago and I would definitely say I’m from chicago but I also have an apartment downtown

    1. Hello Annie, I do understand that Gary and Hammond are in Indiana. Indiana is my home state. That was precisely the statement that I was making, that people from these places saying they are from Chicago is patently absurd.

        1. am i crazy? bc when i was on the site yesterday i could have sworn there was a link to your “top shows of the decade” brought up when you mentioned ‘undeclared’ but now i can’t find it for the life of me! was it a different site?

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  41. For South Dakota: Warehouse 13 on Syfy.

    For Ohio: Family Ties. It was based on Columbus.

    I agree with pretty much everyone else: Minnesota’s entry should not be anything other than Mary Tyler Moore. It doesn’t matter that you weren’t born when it went off the air; you listed plenty of other shows that predate you and MTM is generally considered the best sitcom of all time.

    Hill Street Blues deserves a mention for Illinois. Even though the city and state were never specified, it was generally understood that it was set in Chicago. Besides, ANYTHING set in Illiniois (and a bunch of other shows that might have even thought about being set there) is more deserving than the crapfest that was Roseanne.

  42. I think NY deserves a show that is actually FILMED in NY. I get what you’re trying to say about Seinfeld, but I really don’t think it does NY justice.

    Not my favorite show, but Sex and the City represents NY much, much better.

  43. I’ve never been to California but the beaches on Baywatch looked awful. Too crowded!. For me it would have to be either Harry O, San Diego not the Los Angeles series or Rockford Files. Think the San Diego location just pips Rockford’s Malibu.

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  49. What show came close to Route 66? That was set and filmed, week to week, all over this country, and not always along the famous highway.

  50. I disagree with The Wire for Maryland. Baltimore is only a tiny part of the state, most of it is filled with rich white people who either love on a farm or on the water. I don't know of any other shows from Maryland, though.

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