Maps of History of Lake Agassiz Study


Lake Agassiz Reference

Continuing my sudden (apparent) interest in geology-related maps, here’re a few I recently made for Beth Johnson, my former colleague at UW-Fox Valley, in her paper about the exploration and development of Lake Agassiz in historical geologic literature. Above is the reference map of Lake Agassiz, two different boundaries provided in literature, and outflow paths marked by capital letters.

I did some other maps for detail.  One shows the four year survey expedition of geologist David D. Owen:

Owen Agassiz

The other shows a later exploration by Army Corps of Engineers General G.K. Warren, plus the initial boundaries attributed to Lake Agassiz on Warren’s map:

Warren Agassiz

Beth’s paper is forthcoming in the journal Earth Science History.

Author: Andrew Shears

Andrew Shears is an Assistant Professor of Geography at Mansfield University in Mansfield, Pennsylvania. His research interests lie at an intersection of the human-environmental nexus, and includes branches of mapping, technological, memorialization and urban geographies. He lives in Wellsboro, Pennsylvania with his wife Amy, a professional photographer.