*MY* License Plate Map of the U.S.

License Plate Map

MY License Plate Map.  Like most of my maps, there is NOTHING new or innovative about this. Folk “artists” have been doing this for years with *actual* license plates, and there are even digitized posters out there too. But, I’ve always been unhappy with the plates chosen on those pieces.

I’ve been a “license plate bingo” player since I was old enough to read, or at least old enough to identify state names (so, around 3, thanks Grandma!). To me, a great deal of my mental image about a state before I visited came from these plates. And with years of looking at them, I have my favorites.

That’s what this map is. To challenge myself on the design just a touch, I declared that only one plate could fill a state’s shape, and that non-90° rotation must be kept to a minimum.

Nothing exciting, just my own version. I’ll probably blog more about this soon enough to explain my choices.

Author: Andrew Shears

Andrew Shears is an Assistant Professor of Geography at Mansfield University in Mansfield, Pennsylvania. His research interests lie at an intersection of the human-environmental nexus, and includes branches of mapping, technological, memorialization and urban geographies. He lives in Wellsboro, Pennsylvania with his wife Amy, a professional photographer.