About Me

Photo by Amy ShearsHi!  I’m Andy Shears, and I’m a geographer and cartographer based in Pennsylvania.  I’m originally from Muncie, an odd little post-industrial city in east central Indiana. I earned two degrees from my hometown Ball State University, and met my wife Amy there. My education and career has taken us to northeast Ohio, where I earned by PhD in Geography from Kent State, to northeast Wisconsin for my first post-graduate job, and now I’m based in the rural Appalachian northern tier of Pennsylvania.

Geography has always made sense to me as a way to understand the world, and I’ve always been fascinated by maps.  I really enjoy practicing my craft by making some maps, and doing some research on a variety of topics.  In my spare time, I’m usually hanging out with my wife Amy, playing with our five dogs, exploring the mountains in a topless Jeep, tinkering with vintage Apple computers, making some music, taking snapshots, or catching up on work so I can stay a few minutes ahead.

We love to travel; I’ve been to 48 of the 50 U.S. states, 24 Major League Baseball stadia (about half of which no longer exist…), 46 of 59 national parks, and 15 countries. Seeing new places and learning new things with Amy while she takes her amazing photographs is basically my favorite thing to do.

So, enough about me. Check out what you like, or drop me a line.*

*-Fair warning: sometimes it takes me a while to answer. I’ve struggled my whole life with shyness.