Playing with Wordle: My Dissertation

My dissertation’s finished, or at least it’s to the committee and the defense scheme is going along as planned. We’re looking at an October 29 defense, after which time I will be Dr. Shears, thank-you-very-much. Of course, all of this assumes no problem. Haven’t heard anything yet from anyone, and they’ve had the draft for right at two weeks now, so I figure no news is good news. Continue reading “Playing with Wordle: My Dissertation”

Regions of the Continental United States (According to… Me)

My friend and colleague, Emily Fekete, who recently moved on to greener pastures and new opportunities in the geography PhD program at the University of Kansas, posted an entry trying to establish her mental map of regions of the United States.  I thought it was a good idea, and since I don’t have too many of those on my own lately, I figured I might as well replicate her efforts and provide my own map of regions so that we could compare our different thoughts, ideas and experiences. Perhaps this will filter through the community of geography blogs and we’ll get a whole bunch of mental regions floating around. Continue reading “Regions of the Continental United States (According to… Me)”

May 4, 1970. Never forget.

The most enduring image of the tragedy is the photograph captured by student journalist John Filo, which depicts 14 year-old runaway Mary Ann Vecchio screaming in horror over the body of fallen Kent student Jeffrey Miller. The photograph (above), which ultimately appeared in Time Magazine and later won the Pulitzer Prize, remains today the image of the May 4 Shootings for many Americans. Continue reading “May 4, 1970. Never forget.”

A (ahem) “Modern” Look at Modernity

What else could I write?
I don’t have the right.
What else should I be?
All apologies.

-“All Apologies,” Nirvana

“All Apologies” is a song that’s been going through my head a lot lately. I don’t know why, because the content isn’t terribly relevant to anything that’s going on in my life. I’m not terrifically unhappy or terribly regretful of my actions. I don’t feel trapped by marriage. Nothing like that. Perhaps it’s just a catchy tune with an inflective, though ultimately depressing, feeling to it. God knows I’m a sucker for little ditties like that.
Continue reading “A (ahem) “Modern” Look at Modernity”