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The United States That Could've Been

Project Summary

Toward the end of the Fall 2011 semester, I let my mind wander a bit into alternative histories and their results and began thinking about lost states and whatnot. A few have examined failed secession attempts and such (probably most famously Michael Trinklein) but those always serve as a springboard for imagining new boundaries, and what this map would have made history to be.

What I've Done

With this, I messed around with taking alternate results on a number of failed secessions and came up with a map of the 124 United States that Could've Been. I basically created a completely fictional geography of an alternative history timeline:

(Click for a large version)

From there, I did a bit more to expand this reality. I made a timeline of events, which explores the map's history a bit more. I made GIS shapefiles to do demographic analysis (yes, I am a geographer).

Project Goals

I'm working on an almanac of states.

Also: full-on Capote-style novelization, of course. Because why not?!

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